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Dating Service Reviews

With thousands of dating services, and millions of people to meet, where do you start?

Allow to guide you to the right dating service and you’ll find the love of your life without  a lot of wasted time, and without spending money on memberships for dating services that won’t help you.

The Biggest Online Dating Site

When you decide to try online dating the best bet is with the biggest dating service that works for you. If you’re a regular person and seeking romance instead of just sex, then is the right place to start., since 1994, has evolved to bring people together on dates that turns into serious relationships, often leading to a happy marriage.

Now, whether you are on that straight path or you just want to meet new people and go on a few dates, leaving love to fate, is a great place to start.

Yes, there is a membership fee. Personally I prefer dating services that cost money. It shows commitment on a member’s decision to use the site to their best ability and it affords some measure of respect, that they person might actually be who they say they are.

Yes, when people get scammed by meeting a fraud on an online dating service it makes the news. Big time. What you want to do is remember that if you’re asked for money, no matter what, report the person. And end all communication with them.

Under no circumstances should you ever give out your phone number, email address, home or work address, or any other information to someone you’ve met online.

Eventually you will find someone that you’re attracted to and you will want to meet them. That’s what the idea is for using an online dating service. But your first meeting needs to be in a carefully controlled environment. safety first, no matter what.

Begin with, write your profile, upload pictures (of only you) and make the most of this adventure.

Good luck!